Xperto and the Passion

to transform professional


Xperto and the Passion to transform professional organizations.

Organizations in the digital world.

With the unstoppable rise of technology in the digital age, professional organizations across the globe have been integrating their operations online since the early 2010’s. In the Philippines however, old habits die hard…

Even with the abundance of online tools at their disposal, most Filipino professional organizations stuck to their traditional ways. However, organizations that fail to “digitally transform” will inevitably miss opportunities to grow.

Xperto's organization management expertise
Photo of CEO of Xperto - Emman Caguimbal

CEO Emmanuel “Emman” Caguimbal: From engineer to entrepreneur.

As a licensed engineer and member of such professional organizations, Emman was a firsthand witness to their mostly manual operations and at best, fragmented online processes. The result? Events were burdened with long lines, manual registrations, lack of automation, limited payment options, and more.

But Emman saw the potential of digital transformation, automation, and integration in the country. As the head of his organization’s young engineers section and their go-to “tech guy”, he knew it was time to walk the talk.

Photo of CEO of Xperto - Emman Caguimbal
Xperto pioneering Digital Transformation

The genesis of Xperto

In 2018, he and his team began conceptualizing Xperto, the country’s pioneer in digital solutions and transformation catering to professional organizations. And in 2020, Emman formally turned his brainchild into a business, launching Xperto with their Events Management System (XEMS) as their flagship service.

In a little over 2 years, Xperto has serviced over 20 professional organizations nationwide.

Today, Xperto continues to innovate new systemsgeared towards holistic digital transformation,adding Association Management System (XAMS) and Credentialing Management System (XCMS) to its roster of services.

Our Vision

To optimize the world with self-actualized professionals who are able to function to the best of their abilities.

In doing so, Xperto will be the greatest known digital transformation company in the country.

Our Mission

To elevate Filipino professional organizations and their members into ”Xperts” by way of digital transformation, automation, and integration.

The Xperto brand will be synonymous to digital transformation as Mailchimp is to email marketing and Google is to search engines.

The visionary team behind Xperto

Photo of Emman Caguimbal, Founder and CEO
Emmanuel Caguimbal

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Catapusan, COO
Sam Beijon Catapusan

Chief Operations Officer

Photo of Ginwene Rueda, Co-founder
Ginwene Rueda

Chief Experience Officer

Photo of Czarina Jusi, Co-Founder
Czarina Vijulet Jusi

Chief Compliance Officer

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