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What Makes XPERTO Stand Out?

Automated Registration

All the processes concerning registration can now be held online making online transactions easier than ever! Payments by those interested can be made through Credit or Debit Cards, E-Wallets, Direct Debits and Retail Outlets.

XPERTO's Payment Channels

XPERTO has a multitude of payment channels, making it easier to settle existing and future balances.  Aside from the list of local channels, XPERTO also accepts dollar transactions making the entire process as convenient as possible for the attendees.

Verifiable Digital Certificate

Skip through the hassle of manually creating digital certificates for hundreds of participants! XPERTO can efficiently and systematically provide each participant with a verifiable digital certificate post-event which could be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Plenary and Breakout Sessions

At XPERTO, we provide our clients with options for both plenary and breakout sessions depending on the number of participants in an event.

Engagement Tools

Need to spice up your program a little bit? XPERTO features various engagement tools during online events such as polls, surveys, and evaluation forms!

Online Adaptability

In order for organizations of this day and age to thrive in the modern world, it is crucial that they are able to integrate their plans online which is all achievable through XPERTO.

Grow your Organization Programs Through Us

XPERTO links professionals to relevant opportunities such as conferences and webinars for professional growth and development gaining events with high traction rates.
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