Because of the rapid development and growth of the online community, the job market is evolving. It has become more competitive, and companies now demand more than just a specialized skill from their employees. Specialists are still highly-sought, but their relevance to the current job market is slowly being edged out by those with a more diverse skill set.

For that reason, engineering professionals who want to stay relevant take it upon themselves to learn a new skill, improve the skills they already have, or reskill their outdated skills.


Soft Skills

It may come as surprising, but soft skills are some of the most prominent reasons companies hire employees. According to recent studies by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), 97% of employers say that soft skills are either as important or more important than hard skills and that more than half of new employees that fail within 18 months do so because they lack soft skills.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most sought after soft skills in the current job market.

1.     Time management

2.     Communication

3.     Adaptability

4.     Problem-solving

5.     Cooperativeness

6.     Creativity

7.     Leadership

8.     Interpersonal skills

9.     Work ethics

10.  Attention to detail


Hard Skills

These skills are technical knowledge or training that professionals have gained through experience, including career, education, and life. For those looking to progress in their career or just looking diversify their skills arsenal, these are the most in-demand hard skills in the current engineering job market.

1.     Database management

2.     Proficiency in Adobe Software Suite

3.     Network Security

4.     SEO/SEM marketing

5.     Statistical Analysis

6.     Datamining

7.     Mobile development

8.     User Interface design

9.     Marketing campaign management

10.  Storage systems management

11.  Programming languages


Despite the evolving job market, these skills will remain relevant for a long time.Both Hard Skills and Soft Skills are required to stay relevant in a highly competitive job market. Being able to master a few of these skills will help you in your career growth.

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