On May 13 and 14 2021, XPERTO hosted the Midyear Virtual Conference: IVF Revisited by the Philippine Society of Reproductive Medicine. The event catered to over 120 attendees. 

During the conference, members and participants were welcomed to intriguing and comprehensive topics and discussions by a roster of experienced professionals in the field.

The talks revolved around the following topics: 

-   Presentation on PCOS and Myoinositol by Dr. Pedro-Antonio Regidor,

-   Patient preparation for IVF by Professor Eileen M. Manalo

-   Ovarian Stimulation by Dr. Anthony Marc B. Ancheta

-   Embryo Transfer by Dr. Romerico Torres

-   Routes of Progesterone Administration by Dr Gia Pastorfide

-   Add-Ons in IVF by Dr Virgilio M. Novero, Jr.

-   Clinical Approach to the Management of Threatened and Recurrent Miscarriage by Dr. Majorie Santos